With 1.4 trillion photos estimated to be taken worldwide in 2021, snapping a picture of seemingly every moment of our lives is now second nature. Individual devices have hundreds—if not thousands—of photos stored that can get lost under an avalanche of the newest additions. But instead of burying those memories on your camera, rarely to be seen again, bring them alive by giving them as greetings and personalized gifts to make this year's holidays unforgettable.
There is nothing more meaningful than a photo to share with a friend or loved one, and no better time to do it than the holidays. From puzzles to ornaments to home decor, Walgreens continues to expand its photo offerings to provide hundreds of creative options for holiday gift giving.
This year, Walgreens is making it easier than ever to order your photo-themed gifts and greetings. Just snap your photo, click through Walgreens.com or the Walgreens mobile app to order, and collect with free, same-day pickup in store, at curbside or drive-thru every day.
With the holidays in full swing, Laura Ruff, Walgreens senior manager of digital commerce for merchandising, chatted with Walgreens Stories to provide gift-giving guidance and a ho-ho-host of reasons  to move those images off your camera, so you can move those closest to you with a heartfelt gift.
Photo gifts are chic, hyper-relevant and will never go out of style.

“People are continuing to make the comfort of their homes a top priority, and adding personal touches is a great way to bring a strong sense of family and togetherness,” Ruff says, offering several new photo product ideas to deliver on that trend.
  1. Photo puzzles: “For the second straight year we’re seeing a spike in demand for puzzles as people nest at home, so we expanded our offering beyond the 252-piece photo puzzle that’s a huge seller, and now have a 48-piece photo puzzle with bigger pieces that are great for kids. Make their smiles bright with a puzzle of a beloved pet, their best friend or a great family moment.”
    Walgreens photo puzzle  
  2. Personalized mouse pads: “With many people still working from home, personalizing the home office is really relevant. A mouse pad with a special photo is an easy and inexpensive way to warm up your workspace, plus it requires very little room.”
  3. Acrylic photo blocks: “Acrylic is a trending material for home décor, and our 2” x 2” acrylic block is a fun new way to create a really cute personal gift. At just $9.99 (before any promotions) it’s a great price, and can be ordered and picked up the same day in-store.”
  4. Canvas prints: “Gallery walls are an increasingly popular way to showcase photos in the home, and a cool way to do it is with custom canvas prints. Every canvas print we make is produced in-store, so it’s ready the same day, and is made with sturdy materials to ensure the highest image quality. Whether you choose your images to be framed or wrapped around the edges, you’ll get a great looking way to tell your story.”
  5. Personalized ornaments: “Giving a personalized ornament is a gift anyone will treasure,” says Ruff. “Gifts like our unique photo cube ornaments can be made even more special by adding text, names and years for an ornament that will be a lasting keepsake. When someone gets one of these it feels so special because it’s custom and personal, so you look like a rockstar because you’re giving this super thoughtful gift. But it’s really easy to create one, although nobody has to know just how easy.”
    Photo ornaments  
  6. Greeting cards: “People love to connect with friends and family at the holidays through greeting cards, and it’s not too late to create thoughtful cards with your best photos from the past year,” says Ruff. “With Walgreens ‘Mail-for-Me’ service, we can also address and mail all your customized cards. Simply create your card, submit a file with names and addresses, and we’ll do the rest, postage included.”
  7. Calendars: “Who doesn’t love a calendar?” asks Ruff. “Personalized calendars are one of the most useful and popular ways to use photos, and people love to give and receive them.”

Don’t fret! Last-minute gifting is still possible.

Amid a steady stream of news detailing global product shortages and delayed deliveries due to supply chain issues that could impact the timely delivery of holiday gifts , Walgreens photo is the on-demand oasis that can virtually guarantee that you’ll have your gifts on-time, even if you’re a holiday procrastinator.

“What really differentiates Walgreens from the multitude of retailers that offer photo products is that Walgreens has invested in the photo equipment in our stores so people can create and pick up a broader variety of photo gifts at the very last minute, and in many cases the same day they order, through Dec. 24, says Ruff.