Have you thanked your local Walgreens pharmacist lately? Well make sure you do this October for American Pharmacists Month.

American Pharmacists Month is an opportunity to celebrate and appreciate the critical work our pharmacists, pharmacy technicians and healthcare supervisors do to keep the communities they serve healthy. In that spirit, here are some of the stories they've shared from the past year:

Tiny arms, big relief: Finally a COVID-19 vaccine for Mattie Grace
Walgreens healthcare supervisor Brad Lawson, PharmD, shares his joy now that a COVID-19 vaccine is available for his 3-year-old daughter.

Walgreens app makes prescription management simpler, more convenient
Watch pharmacist Loza Theodros help TikTok stars The Old Gays learn how to use Walgreens' easy-to-use digital prescription services.

Walgreens’ first COVID-19 vaccine, one year later
Pharmacist and store manager Kate Latta reflects on the year since she gave Walgreens' first COVID-19 vaccine, and what might be ahead.

The infertility journey, as shared by Walgreens pharmacists
Real-life experiences have shaped how Walgreens specialty fertility pharmacies support patients. Rina Shah, group vice president, pharmacy of the future and healthcare segment strategy, and Laly Havern, specialty health solutions director, oncology and fertility, share their stories.

Kids share why getting vaccinated against COVID-19 is important to them
Pharmacy manager Ameira Lambaz's three children received their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, giving them a reason to celebrate: the entire family was vaccinated before ringing in 2022.