Picture this. You, earning Walgreens Cash rewards—10%—when you pick up a Walgreens branded product such as a multivitamin or over-the-counter medication. You, earning 10% Walgreens Cash rewards when you pick up Walgreens branded personal care and beauty products. Making these selections while shopping may seem inconsequential in the moment, but they can influence your overall well-being in a big way. Walgreens believes you deserve a sound financial reward for making these personal choices that positively impact your health and wellness. Enter the myWalgreens Credit Card—designed to help you stay well financially on your journey to staying well mentally and physically.

Cardholders can start earning 10% Walgreens Cash rewards right away when they use their card for Walgreens branded products and 5% Walgreens Cash rewards on other brands and pharmacy purchases at Walgreens.

What’s even better is that if you’re approved for the myWalgreens Mastercard®, you’ll also earn rewards on your purchases outside Walgreens. When you use your myWalgreens Mastercard on groceries or health and wellness purchases, including co-pays at your healthcare provider, you can earn 3% in Walgreens Cash rewards.

Watch the video below for a breakdown of how the myWalgreens Credit Card can help put you on a path toward achieving health and wellness goals and getting rewarded while you reach them.



For more information and to apply for a card, visit Walgreens.com/creditcard.