Presskit Logo The Nice!® Brand: Nice! is a Walgreens-owned, balanced food and beverage brand that offers delicious products at affordable prices. In an effort to simplify healthy living for its customers, Nice! rebranded its product line in spring 2017 with new products and ingredient standards. The rebranding will also include a broader selection of organic items, as well as new packaging.
What’s New: After conducting extensive research, including more than 7,000 customer interviews, the Nice! brand now includes new products and design elements that make it easier for our customers to take an honest approach to living well and eating better.
  • Products: The Nice! product line now includes more than 100 new items to make it easier for our customers to make healthier choices. Prioritizing great taste and ingredient guidelines, such as by minimizing hydrogenated oils, trans fats and artificial ingredients wherever possible, the new items include:
  • Organic items such as certain flavored popcorns, tortilla chips and honey
  • Trail mix and nut varietals, for example, a gluten-free trail mix and coconut-dusted cashews
  • Cookies, for example, chocolate dunkers and organic animal crackers
  • Baking goods, including pure cane sugar, powdered sugar and vanilla extract, among others
  • General grocery items, such as select fruit preserves and peanut butter
The brand will continue to offer the same products that customers have known and enjoyed at a great value.
  • Health Corner: To take the guesswork out of making healthier choices, select new Nice! packaging now includes a “health corner” which speaks to the nutritional aspects of the products. The nutritional indicators may include calorie count, non-GMO, gluten free and/or USDA-organic.
Product Line: The brand has nearly 500 products spanning three core tiers: everyday, premium and organic.
Timing: As the new packing is rolled out this year, the old and new looks will co-exist in stores until the rollout is complete. Snacks were the first to hit shelves, and by December 2017, Walgreens expects to have the entire line of new Nice! packaging in stores.
Learn More: To learn more about Nice!, please visit
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