Walgreens pharmacists are central to the ongoing advancement of community pharmacy, providing a wider range of health care services and working more closely than ever before with providers in the community to ensure continuity of patient care. Walgreens scope of pharmacy services includes retail, specialty, medical facility and mail service along with online and mobile services. These services can help improve health outcomes and lower overall health care costs.
Improving Medication Adherence
Non-adherence to medications is one of the most significant and costly barriers in treating illness in the U.S. today, estimated at approximately $300 billion per year.  Non-adherence is a key contributor to repeat physician visits, hospitalizations and adverse patient outcomes. Walgreens is playing a critical role in helping to improve adherence through a number of programs and services available in store, online and through our mobile platforms.  As an important part of patients’ care teams, Walgreens pharmacists are leading innovative joint clinical programs, working collaboratively with hospitals, health systems and other provider practices.

Some of these services include in-pharmacy, phone and online chat-based pharmacist counseling for both patients managing existing medication therapies and those new to therapy. Other services designed to improve medication adherence include online and mobile prescription management tools, automated prescription refill reminders, follow up calls and transition of care programs.

An increasing number of our pharmacies offer a private consultation room for pharmacists to answer patient questions and provide immunizations, one of many ways we are providing personalized care and developing strong patient-pharmacist relationships.
Convenient Access to Preventive Care
Walgreens offers convenient access to preventive health services provided by pharmacists such as medication therapy management and immunizations, including those specific to international travel. In more than 40 states, Walgreens pharmacists can provide all 17 of the immunizations recommended by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  
With more than 27,000 pharmacists trained as licensed or certified immunizers, along with Healthcare Clinic nurse practitioners, Walgreens is the largest retail provider of flu shots in the country.
Healthcare Clinic Services 
To help improve health outcomes and reduce total health care costs in the communities we serve, Walgreens is committed to expanding convenient access to care for both acute and chronic conditions. Healthcare Clinic or other provider retail clinic services at approximately 400 select Walgreens locations provide the most comprehensive health care service offering within the retail clinic industry for patients 18 months and older. Healthcare Clinic is staffed by nationally board-certified nurse practitioners and physician assistants.  Services include acute care, chronic condition assessment, treatment and management, a wide range of preventive health services, and camp and sports physicals. 
Walgreens and Healthcare Clinic use nationally accepted evidence-based clinical guidelines, which include AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) guidelines for pediatric care, to ensure quality care delivery.  Healthcare Clinic recently received primary care accreditation from the Accreditation Association for Ambulatory Health Care (AAAHC). This recognition means each Healthcare Clinic meets AAAHC requirements, embodying best practices and operating in compliance with nationally recognized standards of care, while delivering high-quality care in an environment that promotes patient safety. 
Care for Patients Managing Complex Conditions
Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy empower patients with complex conditions to access their specialty and traditional medications, navigate the complexities of their treatment and receive comprehensive support when and where they need it most.
Walgreens specially-trained pharmacists and clinical support professionals have helped patients from diagnosis to better health through medication adherence programs customized to their unique health needs. 

Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy provides patient care for a variety of conditions including cancer, cystic fibrosis, HIV, hepatitis C, infertility and transplant.  Walgreens Specialty Pharmacy has a network of support for patients that includes retail pharmacies, condition-specific specialized pharmacies, health system pharmacies and centralized patient support services.