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Walgreens Prescription Savings Club Fact Sheet

Originally test-marketed in 2006, Walgreens relaunched its Prescription Savings Club (PSC) in fall 2007. After a period of in-store promotion only, Walgreens launched a full marketing campaign for the Prescription Savings Club in August 2008.

Unique Offerings, Best Total Value:  The club offers the most comprehensive drug savings program in the retail pharmacy industry, with discounts on more than 5,000 brand-name and generic medications, or 10 times that of other retail pharmacy discount programs.  Exclusive and additional benefits include:

• 90-day supply of more than 400 generics for less than $1 per week   
• Discounts on lifestyle drugs frequently not covered by insurance
• Discounts on pet medications
• The convenience of saving on most, if not all, of your medications at one pharmacy that’s located close to home. Nearly 50 percent of Americans live within two miles of a Walgreens.

Comprehensive Coverage:  Walgreens recognizes physicians and patients want the most appropriate drug for the patient’s condition. This program makes medications more affordable for the patient, especially if the drug isn’t fully covered by insurance.

• An uninsured Walgreens patient who pays the club price of $12 for a 90-day supply of the generic diabetes drug metformin would typically save about $50.
• A Walgreens patient treating high cholesterol who pays a discounted club price of $45.97 for a 90-day supply of generic simvastatin would typically save about $115.
• A Walgreens patient treating seizures who pays a discounted club price of $140.53 for a 30-day supply of the brand-name drug Topamax would typically save about $33.

All Medications in One Place:  One of the most important benefits of Walgreens Prescription Savings Club is that it allows patients to save on most, if not all, of their medications at one pharmacy. A 2007 WilsonRx pharmacy satisfaction survey* found that nearly half of all pharmacy patients use two or more pharmacies to fill their prescriptions. Yet, many patients are unaware of the safety risk involved with filling a generic at one pharmacy, an antibiotic at another and a brand name at a third. Using one pharmacy retailer allows pharmacists to screen more completely for dangerous drug interactions. Walgreens pharmacists can access a patient’s Walgreens prescription records no matter which location the patient uses. For a complete list of medications covered under the program, go to http://www.walgreens.com/rxsavingsclub or visit your local Walgreens pharmacy.

Additional Benefits:  Patients who sign up for the card also receive a 10 percent reward on all Walgreens-branded products from OTC medications, baby care and household items to consumables. Rewards can be used toward any future Walgreens purchase (some exceptions apply). As the program continues to evolve, a number of other membership benefits will be added.

Solutions for the Uninsured and Insured:  The program is a great option for the uninsured, but anyone purchasing a medication not covered under their insurance plan can save money. Medications that often aren’t covered under insurance include many new, expensive brand-name medications for weight management, smoking cessation and sexual health.

Enrollment:  The cost is just $20 a year for an individual or $35 a year for families. Many patients recoup the enrollment cost with just one prescription filled under the plan. Patients can enroll at any Walgreens pharmacy and receive immediate savings. Anyone receiving government sponsored prescription coverage such as Medicare or Medicaid is not eligible for the Walgreens Prescription Savings Club.

Pricing Tool:  Patients can find out the Prescription Savings Club price for their medications by using the online drug pricing tool available at: www.walgreens.com/rxsavingsclub. Patients can also talk to their local Walgreens pharmacist about the savings they might realize as a plan member and enroll at the pharmacy.

* Source: WilsonRx Survey, © 2007 Wilson Health Information, LLC, New Hope, PA. For information contact info@WilsonRx.com or visit www.WilsonRx.com.