What are your current store growth plans?
We expect a net increase in Walgreens store count in fiscal 2015 of approximately 60-120 stores.

How many stores did Walgreens open last year?
In fiscal 2014, Walgreens opened a total of 184 new locations and acquired 84 locations, for a net decrease of 273 after relocations and closings.

How big are your stores?
The average size for a typical Walgreens is about 14,500 square feet and the sales floor averages about 11,000 square feet.

How do we select locations for new stores?
There are several factors that Walgreens takes into account, such as major intersections, traffic patterns, demographics and locations near hospitals. We prepare more than 100 pages of research for every site under construction.

How many prescriptions do you fill each year?
Walgreens filled 856 million prescriptions in fiscal 2014.

How many employees does Walgreen Co. have?
We employ 251,000 people.

What is Walgreens Vision?
Click here to read our Vision.

How many items do you carry?
Each Walgreens store provides about 18,000 different items.

How many stores do you have?
Visit Store Count by State.

How many customers visit Walgrens stores?
6.2 million daily. 

What year was Walgreens founded?

Where can I learn about Walgreens history?
Visit the Our Past section on Walgreens.com.

Where does Walgreens rank in its industry?
Walgreens leads the chain drugstore industry in sales and profit.

What are recent sales and earnings?
Visit Financial and Other Numbers.

When does your fiscal year end?
Our fiscal year ends on August 31.